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We Are merging!

SirHeru, Jan 7, 11 7:02 AM.
Hello All TK,

I would like to inform you all that we are merging with Purgatory and other legion/players who used to play on Meslam, including some new people from the server merges.

I will be stepping down from Brigade General in the process. We have gained people, and we have lost people. Made new friends and said goodbye to some. This Merge will hopefully be for the better. To form a community, a larger community, of people to play with and share Aion experiences with. To throw some salt and pepper on our scrambled eggs. 

TandemKross gave me a community of great players and people to grow with. Let's do the same with this merge; create a community in which we can expand.

I never do anything with without the legion's input, because as I was taught and was pointed out to me several times by Seratiah, 'You don't have a legion with out people.' And it's true. We will do this as a legion together. And if the shoe doesn't fit, then we can go from there. 

This announcement had a very goodbye'ish tone on my part because part of me feels like I'm leaving TK, but I know I'm not. We will still be together and be part of a bigger family.

Asmo's say what....

SirHeru, Sep 16, 10 1:54 PM.

Quick update for those who have been behind on recent activities. Last night in a time crunched race, the Asmodians took their second Fortress in Gelk. Opening up Silentera Canyon and Inggison to them. Congrats to them. They might have finally shown some fight left in them. 
We have fallen back to 24th position, Purgatory has over taken us by approx. 81k AP.
And we have a broad new horizon upon us.

A new Coalition is forming. Organized by Landen of Rising Dragoons, an 8 legion "League" is being formed. I will main officer/representative for TK in the Coalition. If the activities and prospects of the new coalition do not meet or support what I understand to be the interests of TK, I will remove ourselves from this band of people.

So, it's taken 2.0 and a lot of clock watching on our part but it's here, TANDEMKROSS IS BOSS HUNTING DAILY!!!
Captain Voltayre, Latzio Stoneheart, Elder Narikiki, Head Priest Nashuma, are among the few who we are keeping a close eye on and killing daily. 
Our hunt starts at approximately 10:00PM EST but usually closer to 10:30PM EST (please adjust time according to your personal time zone) VENT is strongly desired if you wish to take part in these boss hunts.

Congratulations to all our new lvls. The grind is mind numbing but the rewards are there. Keep going TK. As Darkrocker used to say, 'TK, Totally Kickass!"

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Saliah, Jun 26, 10 6:40 PM.
Greetings TK!

Firstly a Congratulations on our successful attack on Siel West!  With the help of HoD and other Coalition legions, TANDEMKROSS once again owns a fort!  This will bring our legion medals for use in purchasing Abyss gear!  We are continuing to hold strong in our #4 spot in the Abyss Rankings as well.

Enjoy both of these things while you can because as we all know server merges have been announced and are right around the corner, taking place July 7th.  Meslamtaeda will be merging with Zikel, Triniel and Azphel under the name 'New Zikel'. 

A new server will not only bring us more players, but also a big change in our Abyss Rank and our ability to have a fort in our name.  We will once again have to strive to work our way up the list and make a name for our legion.  I feel confident that we will soon earn the same kind of respect that we currently have in Meslamtaeda.

TANDEMKROSS is fortunate in that the focus of our legion will not work against us in the mergers.  Many legions with their sole focus on rank, the strongest DPS, the best gear, etc., may find their members looking for another home in one of the new 'powerhouse' legions.  While TK places importance on these things, and a desire to be successful in what we do, I believe that the majority of us are in this legion for an entirely different reason:  the people who make TK what it is and the things we do to help each other and the faction as a whole.  Because of this I have confidence that TANDEMKROSS will continue much as it has been regardless server merges.  You have all made TK a fantastic and respected legion and I am looking forward to us carving out a spot for ourselves in the new merged server!

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